Teachers 教師の紹介

full-time teacher專任教員
Chih-Hung Wang Chih-Hung Wang Professor & Chairman 教授学科主任


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2201,2213
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Guidance & Counseling, National Changhua University of Education
Specialty: Counseling Ethics, Internet Counseling, Internet Addiction, Group Guidance, Counseling Supervision
Chiu-Chun Wu Chiu-Chun Wu  Chair Professor 教授

TEL: 886-44-7232105#2230
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Social Work, University of Southern California
Specialty: Family Therapy, Psychodrama, Group Dynamics, Psychotherapy


Lih-Horng Hsueh Lih-Horng Hsieh Professor 教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2217
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Guidance & Counseling, National Changhua University of Education
Specialty: Counselor Education, Counseling Process Research, Individual and Group Counseling, Single-Parent Family Counseling

Chin-Yen Chen Chin-Yen Chen Professor & Director of Community Counseling and Human Development Service Center & Director of Center for General Education 教授 

TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2117,1444,1913
Highest Degree
: Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee Branch)
: Counselor Education, Self-Awareness

Shu-Hui Liu Shu-Hui Liu Professor 教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2247
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Counselor Education, Purdue University
Specialty: Career Development and Counseling; Ontology, Epistemology and Methodology, Body-mind-spirit Healing
Shu-Chu Chao Shu-Chu Chao Professor &The Dean of College of Education 教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2115,2003
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in the University of Georgia
Specialty: Marriage and Family, Sex and Gender Research, Sex and Gender Education
Li-An Kuo Li-An Kuo Professor & Vice-President 教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2111,7099
Highest Degree Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, College of William & Mary
Specialty: Couple and Family Therapy, Abnormal Psychology, Counseling Theories and Techniques, The Effectiveness of Counseling, Homosexuality and Family Counseling
Ching-Wen Li Ching-Wen Li Professor 教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2118
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Guidance & Counseling, National Changhua University of Education
Specialty: Statistics in Psychology and Education, Career Development, School Guidance
Chih-Huang Yuan Chih-Huang Yuan Professor 教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2222
Highest Degree: Ed.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision, The University of Northern
Colorado (UNC)
Specialty: Career Development and Guidance, Adolescent Psychology and Guidance, Guidance and Counseling
Shu-Chen Kao Shu-Chen Kao Professor 教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2243
Highest Degree: Counseling Ph.D. University of North Texas, USA
Specialty: Play Therapy, Expressive Therapy, Child psychopathology, Parent Consultation, Supervision
Tsung-Chain Huang Tsung-Chain Huang Professor 教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext. 2229
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
Specialty: Research of Family and Marriage, Social Psychology, Sandplay Therapy, Expressive Art Therapy, Interpretation of Dreams
Ching-Jan Chang Ching-Jan Chang Associate Professor 准教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2112
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Counselor Education, University of Northern Colorado
Specialty: Counselor Education, Group Counseling, Addiction Behavior Research
Hsiao-Ming Ho Hsiao-Ming Ho Associate Professor 准教授

TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2214
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Guidance & Counseling, National Changhua University of Education
Specialty: Individual Counseling, Adolescent Counseling, Counselor Education, Teaching Materials and Methods of Guidance Activities, Crisis Intervention, Case- conceptualization of Teaching, Counseling Supervision and Training, Dropouts Counseling

Hsing-Tsu Lin Hsing-Tsu Lin Associate Professor 准教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2212
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Guidance & Counseling, National Changhua University of Education
Specialty: Counseling Process Research, Self-Esteem Research, Adolescent Counseling
Gwo-Jen Guo Gwo-Jen Guo Associate Professor/ National Certified Counselor. (U.S.A.)/ Professional Counselor (Ohio, U. S .A) 准教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2221
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation, The Ohio State University ,2000; Ph. D. in Counselor Education, Mississippi State University ,1995
Specialty: Theory of Education and Psychology, Counseling Theory and Practice, Statistics in Education and Psychology, Assessment and Measurement, Needs Assessment, Student Development and Student Affairs
Yi-Hsing Hsieh Yi-Hsing Hsieh Associate Professor 准教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2119
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology, The Ohio State University
Specialty: Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognition and Personality Inter-Disciplinary Research, Experimental Psychopathology
Chun-Shu Chen Shang-Ling Chen Associate Professor 准教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2232
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Educational Psychology & Counseling, National Taiwan Normal University
Specialty: Counselor Education, Case-Conceptualization, Training and Effect Study of Group Counseling , Counseling Process and Effect Study, Expert Counselor Research
Chia-Ling Lo Chia-Ling Lo Associate Professor 准教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2245, 1121
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Guidance & Counseling, National Changhua University of Education
Specialty: Group Guidance, Group Counseling, Supervision, Group Counseling Process and Effect Study, Adolescent Counseling, Death Education and Counseling, Parental Education
Chung-Yi Hu Chung-Yi Hu Associate Professor 准教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2226
Highest Degree: Ph. D. in Social Work, Tunghai University
Specialty: Child and Adolescent Welfare, School Social Work, Social Work Ethics
Ting-Ying Wu Ting-Ying Wu Assistant Professor 助教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2236,5421
Highest Degree: Alliant International University, Bay Area Campus, California School of Professional Psychology
Specialty:Art Therapy, Clinical Psychology
Yu-Tsung Wang Yu-Tsung Wang Assistant Professor 助教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2242
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Southern California (Major in Psychological Measurement and Statistics )
Specialty: Item Response Theory, Statistical Methods and Application of Technology, Analysis of Counseling Effectiveness
Chi-Ping Deng Chi-Ping Deng Assistant Professor 助教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2241,1401
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Specialty: Vocational Psychology, Vocational Interest Structure, Multiculturalism, Cognitive-Behavior Theory, Emotional Distress, Career Counseling
Feng-Ying Huang Feng-Ying Huang Assistant Professor 助教授


TEL: 886-4-7232105 ext.2216
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Manchester
Specialty: Mindfulness Therapy, Grief Counseling and Therapy, End-of-life Care and Counseling
Part-time teacher 非常勤教員
  Shih-Lung Yang Professor

Director of Department & Graduate Institute of Criminology, National Chung Cheng University
Specialty: Criminology, Criminal Psychology, Juvenile Delinquency, Crime Prevention

  Wen Hsiao Professor

Professor of Department of Guidance and Counseling, Chi Nan University
Specialty: Counseling Process Research, Counseling Practices, Brief counseling, Counseling Theory, Theory and Practice of Counseling Supervision, Abnormal Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Employee Counseling, Humor Counseling

  Shao-Hua Chou Lecturer

Psychiatrist of Changhua Christian Hospital
Specialty: Couple Counseling, Drug Treatment of Neurosis and Mental Illness, Individual Psychotherapy, Alcoholism Group Therapy, Consultation Psychiatry

  Hsiu-Pi Wu Professor


Professor of Department Psychology, Asia University
Specialty: Group Counseling, Death, Dying and Grief Counseling, Clinical Supervision


  Ming-Chao Chen Professor

Retired Teacher
Specialty: Special Education, Assessment for Special Children, Educational Psychology, Measurement in Psychology and Education

  Hsiao-Ping Cheng Associate Professor


Associate Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Specialty: Sociodrama, Qualitative research, Group Counseling

  Te-Jung Chang Professor

Retired Teacher
Specialty: Advanced Statistics, Psychological Assessment Research, Counseling Research Method

  Nan-Ying Chiu Assistant Professor

Director of Psychiatric at Changhua Christian Hospital
Specialty: Drug Abuse, Medical Substance Abuse and Dependency, Psychology

  Ching-Jun Cheng Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Transworld Institute of Technology
Specialty: Criminal Psychology, Crime Prevention, Violent Crime, Organized Crime


Shu-Chuan Liang Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Department Childhood Education & Nursery, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science
Specialty: Marriage and Family, Child Counseling , Process Research of Marriage and Family Therapy

  Ju-Jung Liu Assistant Professor

Chief Probation Officer of Taiwan Chiayi District Court
Specialty: Probation System, Juvenile Criminal Events and Penalty, Juvenile Criminology

  Yu-Ping Chen Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology
Specialty: Psychiatric and Mental Health Care, Counseling Theory and Application, Introduction to Sexology , Sex and Gender Relations, Marriage and Family Dynamics


Hsiu-Luan Lien Assistant Professor

Guidance Teacher of Kaohsiung Municipal Chung Shan Junior High School
Specialty: Solution-Focus Brief Therapy, Counseling Practices, Design and Implementation of Synthetic Activities

  Li-Feng Chang Assistant Professor

Teacher of Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Junior High School
Specialty: Self-Exploration and Growth, Drama Therapy, Counseling Skills, Marriage and Family

  Chih-Ying Wu Lecturer

Well-known Hotel Manager
Specialty: Leisure Education, Leisure Managemen

  Chao-Ling Lin Lecturer

Guidance Teacher of Taichung Anhe junior high school
Specialty:Group Gruidance, Intership of Teaching

  Te-Tsung Chang Associate Professor

Associate Professor of department of Living Science, National Open University
Specialty:Couseling Theory, Counseling skills, Stress and Life, Creative Psychology, Health Psychology, Adolescent Psychology and Guidance, Adult Counseling, Family Counseling, Career Development and Guidance, Learning Guidance


  Yi-Chun Li Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Department of Social Work and Child Welfare, Providence University
Specialty:Community Work, Social Welfare

  Mei-Hua Chiu Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Center for General Education, Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology
Specialty:Sex and Gender, Health Psychology, Career Planning and Education, Expressive Art Therapy

  Shu-Shu Weng Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Department of Social Work, Chaoyang University of Technology
Specialty:Self-Exploration, Career of Social Work, Career Planning

  Ching-Fu Wang Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Department of Psychology, Chung Shan Medical University
Specialty:Social Psychology, Sex and Gender, Abnormal Psychology

  An-Chen Liu Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of College of General Education, HungKuang University
Specialty:Multicultural and Rehabilitation Counseling, Multicultural Counseling

  Chih-Hui Ko Lecturer

Director of Social Work of Changhua Christian Hospital
Specialty: Medical Social Work for Elderly, Medical Social Work, Case Work